[Letter to the Editor] Voters of Connecticut wake up!

October 9, 2018

Important midterm elections loom on the horizon. For the past eight years Connecticut has been a one-party dominated state with nearly devastating results. This must change.

The economic condition of our state has been sliding badly characterized by declining personal income and lost jobs. Reflecting heavy borrowing, Connecticut’s S&P credit rating has fallen to AA- in the past two years from what had been AA. The fiscal health of Connecticut affects all its citizens. While the nation has largely recovered from the steep recession of 2007-2009 Connecticut ranks 48th for growth according to a recent U.S. News “Best States” report that gave us a long term stability ranking of 45. And on a recent survey list of the “Best and Worst Run States in America” Connecticut nosedived to a ranking of 38th down from 20th in 2010! Additionally, our state’s pension funded ration has fallen to below 50%, among the worst in the nation.

Enough of this failed leadership! Cycles of irresponsible taxation and political promises that cannot be met should not be the path forward here. Therefore, Connecticut voters must choose very carefully now. Republican representation in our state senate currently is only one seat short of gaining a majority that might help to turn things around. As an unaffiliated life-long Connecticut resident it is why I support the re-election of state senator Toni Boucher (R) 26th district who in her leadership position has demonstrated she can work across the aisle and will fight for a better, stronger Connecticut.

Andrew Schopick, Wilton