Letter to the Editor: Boucher a Paragon of Women’s Rights

October 28, 2018

In addition to being a leading voice for fiscal responsibility, Toni Boucher has been a relentless fighter for women’s rights in Connecticut.

Toni is pro choice. She’s spearheaded legislation that strengthens Connecticut ongoing efforts to secure equal pay for equal work for women in the workplace; She’s sponsored bills to protect women from domestic violence, including Senate Bill 466, which facilitates law enforcement’s ability to arrest the “dominant aggressor” in a domestic violence incident; and she’s supported new law to expand a women’s insurance coverage for mammograms, ultra sounds and MRI’s.

A mother, grandmother, business executive and State Senator, Toni is a paragon for women’s rights and set a wonderful example for all of us.

I’m proud to be voting to re-elect her on November 6th!

Linda Eike