Letter to the Editor: Connecticut Needs Senator Toni Boucher

October 28, 2018

Senator Toni Boucher is a remarkable woman representing State District 26 since 2008. For the past 10 years Toni has demonstrated intelligence, commitment and passion in her representation of all constituent concerns in a very politically diverse district. She has been reelected 4 times reflecting her fairness and thoughtful approach.

Senator Boucher is currently co-chair and vice chair of the Senate Education and Finance Committees respectively placing her at the heart of the “perfect storm” affecting her constituents and all citizens of Ct.; loss of revenue as citizens depart the state’s rising taxes and education costs being shifted further to local municipalities. Combine that with the contract of adhesion negotiated by the current administration with state employees and unfunded pensions will further cripple the state with rising taxes.

Senator Toni Boucher holds an MBA and is a business owner as well. She can handle what needs to be done to make Ct. work for all. Reelect this very competent woman who can work with all interests and actually understands the issues!

Trish King, Redding