Boucher Statement on Election Results

November 10, 2018

I would like to congratulate Will Haskell for running a strong campaign and wish him much success in his new role as State senator for the 26th district. It is a big responsibility and and I am sure he will devote his energies to serving the people well. I am deeply thankful to the voters for having given me the rare and extraordinary honor of serving them here at home, on local boards and in the legislature in Hartford. I have always put every ounce of passion, commitment and energy into these roles with the ultimate objective of serving my constituents well. Coming here as an immigrant with no money, education and not speaking a word of English at the age of 5, CT has had an incredible positive impact on my life and I am forever grateful. Thank you also to my family, wonderful husband and the many volunteers who stuck with me through this tough campaign season and over the years. I could not do this without you. You have my eternal gratitude. Thank you


November 5, 2018

On Friday, the News-Times became latest publication to endorse me for re-election, citing, in particular, my knowledge of the district, vast experience in both government and business and my record of conscientiously representing the needs of all the towns and constituents in the district.

Here is a link to the full text of their endorsement: News-Times Endorsement

The News-Times joins a long list organizations, publications and individuals that have now endorsed or honored me. They include: the Connecticut Realtors Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Connecticut Business & Industry Association, Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, Connecticut Education Association, Moms Demand Action, Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, Connecticut Association for the Gifted, New Canaan Advertiser, Connecticut Independent Party, Connecticut Republican Party, Former Governor Jodi Rell, Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe, Westport Selectwoman Jen Tooker, New Canaan First Selectman Kevin Moynahan, Wilton First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, Bethel Selectman Paul Szatkowski, Redding Selectman Michael Thompson, Ridgefield Selectman Bob Herbert, Weston Selectman Stephan Grozinger and many, more.

I’m humbled at this outpouring of support and ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 6th so we can continue our fight for a better Connecticut!

Editorial: Re-elect our four Republican incumbents [New Canaan Advertiser]

November 5, 2018

New Canaan: During the past five weeks of the Advertiser’s dedicated coverage of the candidates who are running to represent New Canaan in Hartford we have met four strong, admirable citizens, who happen to be Democrats, challenging the four incumbent Republicans.

The Democratic challengers have ideas worth exploring, such as getting public workers onto public health care, state-and-business leader roundtables, the state getting workers to share more of the pension risk, and using profits from state assets to cover some pension liabilities.

These challengers — Alex Bergstein, Lucy Dathan, Will Haskell and Ross Tartell — are received as very smart and genuinely empathetic persons with integrity.

As important as those qualifications are, however, they do not override the qualities of the four Republican incumbents, and we urge you to vote to return them to Hartford — Sen. Toni Boucher, Sen. Scott Frantz, Rep. Tom O’Dea and Rep. Fred Wilms.

This is not the year to elect more Democrats to lead the state. We need to remember why the state is in such fiscal distress. Democrats have controlled the state legislature for 22 years — the House for over 40 years and the Senate for 30 of the past 32 years. With a Democratic governor by their side for the past eight years, the Democratic majority in the legislature has failed to lead us to an economic improvement that has been experienced by most every other state in the union following the Great Recession. Our economy is at the very bottom of measurements out of the 50 states. We need tough fiscal discipline, the likes of which we have not seen under recent Democratic leadership.

New Canaan’s Republicans are part of the solution. With an equal number of seats in the state senate during the past two-year term, Republicans were able to commandeer a bipartisan budget with limits on spending and borrowing. We need more Republicans in Hartford, not fewer.

We need to modify post-employment benefits for state workers and teachers, and fully fund the pension liabilities so those benefits can actually be paid. The state is practically bankrupt.

It is time for Republicans to be the majority in Hartford and take the helm of the ship of state.

Let’s re-elect our legislators and not just because they are Republicans. Let’s re-elect O’Dea because he successfully gets both sides of the aisle to collaborate and for his call to reduce taxes and improve transportation.

Let’s re-elect Wilms because he earns a living getting to understand Fairfield County businesses and because he has rational plans for reducing and shifting state expenditures.

Let’s re-elect Frantz because he has earned his way to the top of the senate Finance Committee and Commerce Committee, and he advocates less borrowing and across-the-board cuts in government departments.

Let’s re-elect Boucher because she works for strong education, she is a go-to person to get bills passed, and because her views on women’s rights, gay rights and environmental protection are in step with the majority of the state’s citizens.

As respectable as the Democratic challengers may be, this is not their year. This is the year for Republican leadership in Hartford.

Letters to the Editor: What Hartford needs…

November 4, 2018

In 1962, I was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army when a confrontation with the Soviet Union arose; they were installing missiles in Cuba that, if fired, could reach most of the U.S. I was given an extension of one year and my unit was packed up and prepared for deployment to Europe.

Our president, John F Kennedy, a war hero, stood up to the bullying attempt by Nikita Khrushchev and the USSR and after several tense weeks an agreement was reached to remove the missiles. I have always had the utmost respect for JFK for the actions he took to protect the U.S.

Fast forward to 2018. We now have as president, a bone spur draft dodger, who seems to be blaming the U.S. when Vladimir Putin and Russia attack the U.S.

They are not attacking with military force, but rather using disinformation and cyberattacks to damage our democracy.

In watching the meeting with Putin in Helsinki, I was amazed and angered at the obsequious behavior by Donald Trump.

He disparages patriotic Americans while praising despots. His behaviors since he started campaigning and continued since his inauguration have done tremendous damage to our country. His continuous lying, misogynistic actions and lack of integrity are only some of his faults.

I expect from a president that he will place the country and its citizens first and foremost in his thoughts and actions. Kennedy acted to protect us. Trump is only interested in protecting himself.

Alex Ruskewich


Endorsement: Toni Boucher for the 26th District (Danbury News-Times)

November 2, 2018

Endorsement: Toni Boucher for the 26th District

State Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican from Wilton, for a decade has represented the 26th District with diligence and fierce attention.

Democrat Will Haskell, a recent college graduate who grew up in Westport and now lives in New Canaan, brims with energy and passion. He was motivated to enter politics by the Trump presidency and smartly realized that the fight starts at the local and state levels.

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The sprawling district is not easy to represent as the needs of Bethel are different than those of New Canaan and Weston. The concerns of the border or near-border towns of Redding, Ridgefield and Wilton differ from the coastal Westport.

Haskell, 22, said he has knocked on about 4,000 doors to get to know the district and has developed his top three priorities: common sense gun regulation, fight the Trump administration policies, and health care.

Unlike many first-time candidates he has concrete ideas, such as extending WiFi on Metro-North passenger cars.

Boucher, 68, knows the district well. Before serving in the senate she was a state representative for a dozen years. Her experience on the Wilton Board of Education helped inform her focus on education on the state level. A businesswoman, she has worked at an institutional investment firm for 18 years.

Her expertise at the Capitol has centered on education and transportation. One of her successes in the last session was gaining unanimous support in both chambers for the bill to require the teaching of the Holocaust and genocides in public high schools.

The candidates differ on instituting tolls and legalizing recreational marijuana. He would accept both; she would not.

Though Haskell has tried to paint Boucher as anti-gun control, she actually voted in support of the ban on bump stocks and removal of guns with a restraining order in domestic violence cases. She chaired a subcommittee on school security after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Will Haskell has much to contribute to politics and we encourage him to stay involved. We agree with Boucher that “you are never too young nor too old to make a difference.”

Toni Boucher has conscientiously represented the district and we endorse her for another term.

Endorsement: “Toni Boucher works tirelessly on behalf of Westport”

October 30, 2018

Senator Toni Boucher works tirelessly on behalf of Westport. She has spent countless hours meeting with her local constituents, attending community events and understanding the issues that Westporters face. As a mother, a grandmother, a public servant and a private sector executive, Toni wears many hats and sees things from multiple perspectives. However, she is laser-focused when it comes to the most critical priority facing the State of Connecticut – the economy. Toni understands the importance of growing the economy through pro-business initiatives and the support of public education. Toni is a strong voice for Westporters in Hartford. Please re-elect Senator Toni Boucher on November 6th.

Jim Marpe – First Selectman, Westport
Jennifer Tooker – Second Selectwoman, Westport

Letter to the Editor: Boucher: Fiscally Responsible, Socially Moderate

October 30, 2018

Senator Boucher is an advocate for improved education, the environment, women’s rights, gun safety, LGBTQ equality, and protecting seniors while simultaneously working diligently to reduce unnecessary spending of taxpayers’ dollars. 

For example, Senator Boucher supported bill HB 5386, An Act Concerning Pay Equity, to prevent wage discrimination against women and to secure equal pay for equal work. Senator Boucher supported legislation that protects coverage for essential health benefits for women, children, and adolescents, such as maternity and newborn health care. Toni works tirelessly to resolve the state’s existing fiscal problems in a bipartisan manner.

Please join me in re-electing Senator Toni Boucher on November 6th !
Jenifer Wyss
Cross Highway
Redding, C

Letter to the Editor: Toni Boucher is a Leader for All

October 28, 2018

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher has been a relentless advocate for many of the values we all hold dear: education, school security, healthcare, equality for women, jobs, property values, taxes and fiscal responsibility. It is critical that the voters of the 26th District return her to the General Assembly this fall to represent our interests on the transportation, education and higher education committees. With experience in the General Assembly spanning two decades, Toni knows how to get things done within her party and across the aisle. She will act in the best interests of her constituents well as well as help lead all the citizens of our great state out of the shadow of our current fiscal woes and into a more sustainable future. Please join me in voting for Toni Boucher on November 6th.


Laurie G. Richardson

Letter to the Editor: Boucher a Paragon of Women’s Rights

October 28, 2018

In addition to being a leading voice for fiscal responsibility, Toni Boucher has been a relentless fighter for women’s rights in Connecticut.

Toni is pro choice. She’s spearheaded legislation that strengthens Connecticut ongoing efforts to secure equal pay for equal work for women in the workplace; She’s sponsored bills to protect women from domestic violence, including Senate Bill 466, which facilitates law enforcement’s ability to arrest the “dominant aggressor” in a domestic violence incident; and she’s supported new law to expand a women’s insurance coverage for mammograms, ultra sounds and MRI’s.

A mother, grandmother, business executive and State Senator, Toni is a paragon for women’s rights and set a wonderful example for all of us.

I’m proud to be voting to re-elect her on November 6th!

Linda Eike

Letter to the Editor: Connecticut Needs Senator Toni Boucher

October 28, 2018

Senator Toni Boucher is a remarkable woman representing State District 26 since 2008. For the past 10 years Toni has demonstrated intelligence, commitment and passion in her representation of all constituent concerns in a very politically diverse district. She has been reelected 4 times reflecting her fairness and thoughtful approach.

Senator Boucher is currently co-chair and vice chair of the Senate Education and Finance Committees respectively placing her at the heart of the “perfect storm” affecting her constituents and all citizens of Ct.; loss of revenue as citizens depart the state’s rising taxes and education costs being shifted further to local municipalities. Combine that with the contract of adhesion negotiated by the current administration with state employees and unfunded pensions will further cripple the state with rising taxes.

Senator Toni Boucher holds an MBA and is a business owner as well. She can handle what needs to be done to make Ct. work for all. Reelect this very competent woman who can work with all interests and actually understands the issues!

Trish King, Redding