Letter to the Editor: “We need Toni now more than ever”

October 28, 2018

I have known Senator Toni Boucher for many years. We first met at the National Conference on Aging in Washington, DC when I was Comptroller General of the United States. I have come to know Toni much better since moving to Connecticut over eight years ago.

Toni is a person of boundless energy and considerable ability. She is fully committed to do what it takes to help our next Governor turn around Connecticut and create a better future for all of us in the Constitution State. We need Toni now more than ever. Please vote to re-elect Senator Toni Boucher.

Hon. David M. Walker
Former U.S. Comptroller General
Bridgeport, CT

Letter to the Editor: A Fiscally Conservative Leader

October 28, 2018

To the Editor:

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Over the last eight years, Governor Malloy expanded taxes while growing deficits year after year.

As the rest of the United States has recovered from the great recession and has experienced one of the best economic expansions in history, Connecticut has lost jobs, businesses, and as a result residents and home value continue to plunge.

Toni Boucher represents a fiscally conservative leader who is socially inclusive and respected across the aisle. We need leadership now more than ever.

Toni’s opponent supports continuing the Dan Malloy policies of protecting the state union benefits and pensions that have cost Connecticut billions in budget deficits.

Thank you,

Michael Schramm, Weston

New Canaan Teacher: “Toni is a strong advocate for students, teachers and public education.”

October 25, 2018

To the Editor:

I very highly recommend Toni Boucher for reelection as our State Senator. I have known Toni for over ten years. Her commitment to Connecticut and her constituents goes above and beyond measure.

As a retired business teacher, I am extremely impressed with Toni’s tireless efforts on behalf of education, especially the needs of students. She is a strong advocate for students, teachers and public education. During the 2017-2018 legislative sessions, Toni steadfastly held to her commitment to public education. Students, teachers and all Connecticut residents are lucky to have Toni working for us in the General Assembly.

The Connecticut Education Association has placed Toni Boucher on their 2018 legislative honor roll. This is a true testament to Toni’s commitment to our students and her beliefs that the students are our future.

Toni is a bi-partisan leader with a strong base of support from both parties. She is committed to revitalizing CT as a place where businesses thrive, which leads to economic growth and job creation. This benefits everyone in our state.

She is committed to reducing government costs, making Connecticut more affordable to live in, lowering taxes, making our educational system the best in the country and eliminating wasteful government spending.

We ALL need Toni Boucher in Hartford. I urge you to please vote for her to turn our state around in a positive direction.

Linda Lombardo
Retired Business Teacher
New Canaan Public Schools


October 24, 2018

It’s with immense pride I share the statement below from a letter I received earlier this month informing me I was placed on the Honor Roll of the Connecticut Education Association.

“You have proven yourself to be an advocate for students, teachers, and public education. Most recently, throughout the 2017-2018 legislative sessions, you steadfastly held to your commitment and supported public education as well as the fundamental rights of workers to collectively bargain. Additionally, you were consistently accessible and took the time to answer our questions committing to supporting our issues going forward. Your constituents and teachers throughout the state are fortunate to have you working for them in the General Assembly.”

– Jeff Leake, President, Connecticut Education Association

The CEA is an advocacy group for teachers and public education with 43,000 members statewide.

Letter to the Editor: Toni Boucher Local Treasure

October 21, 2018

Toni Boucher emigrated from Italy and became a Naturalized US Citizen at age 10. She earned her MBA from UCONN while working full time in business and serving as a State Representative, all the while, putting her children through college. Toni later became our State Senator and has meritoriously served in many leadership roles most notably Vice-Chair on the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee. Toni’s vast public and private sector experience positions her as the most qualified candidate to lead CT out of the failed Democratic economic policies that are destroying Ridgefield and our State. Proven experience matters. Support Toni!

– Greg Kabasakalian, Ridgefield

Letter to the Editor: Boucher Champions Women’s Rights

October 21, 2018

To the Editor:

While many are familiar with Toni Boucher as a fighter for fiscal responsibility, know that she is an equally effective crusader for social responsibility, including a number of specific bills on behalf of women.

She fought for House Bill 5386 that strengthens Connecticut’s ongoing efforts to secure equal pay for equal work, for Senate Bill 206 that allows uninsured women to purchase heath insurance once they find out they are pregnant, and for the Affordable Care Act Essential Health Benefits Bill that mandates insurance coverage of essential health benefits for women, children and adolescents.

Toni was also a leading advocate of Senate Bill 1160, which provided for stronger gun control and school security.

She is a pro choice champion of women’s rights, who’s own life as a successful mother, business woman and government leader sets a positive example for all of us.

I will vote to re-elect Toni Boucher on November 6th!

Tayna Miller
Old Field Lane

Sen. Boucher: Bold Action to Strengthen Our Property Values; Letter to the Editor

October 20, 2018

High property taxes, unfunded public pensions, discouraging business climate, daily population loss … this is a short list of the problems we’re facing in Connecticut. Is it any wonder that our property values have tanked? Nationally markets have long since recovered. The opposite is true here. State Senator Toni Boucher is well aware of the worsening limitations Connecticut citizens face. She is anchored in the real world, has years of experience working in Hartford to bring about change legislatively and, most importantly, Toni has the guts to take the bold actions necessary to change the course for our state. Every day Realtors, including myself, are on the frontlines witnessing the effects of the bad choices made in Hartford have had on our clients. I know Toni Boucher is dedicated to turning our state around.

Deb Haws
Redding, Brookfield PD CT


October 18, 2018

(Wilton, October 18) State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) has been endorsed by the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA).

CBIA is a leading advocacy group for business and industry in Connecticut with thousands of member companies. Their mission is to champion policy within the state that will make Connecticut’s economy more competitive regionally, nationally and globally.

In it’s statement, Joseph F. Brennan, President and CEO of CBIA, said of Senator Boucher, “In your time in the legislature, you have shown a strong commitment to promoting an environment where companies can compete, attract much-needed investment to our state, and drive economic growth and job creation.” He added,
“We appreciate your willingness to work with the business community and look forward to working together over the next two years to reduce the cost of government, make Connecticut more affordable, and make this an even better state to live, work and raise a family.”

In reaction, Senator Boucher remarked, “I am proud to receive this recognition from the CBIA. Our number one priority right now is to turn around Connecticut’s economy and make our state, once again, a place where business can compete and families can work and prosper. To accomplish this we must focus on lowering taxes on families and businesses, reducing our burdensome state regulations and eliminating wasteful government spending.” She added, “Toward this end, I’m thankful for the good work of the CBIA in advancing these issues.

State Senator Toni Boucher represents the 26th Senate District, comprising Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton.


Tom Derderian
Communications Director
Boucher for Connecticut

LETTER: Redding Resident Supports Sen. Boucher

October 17, 2018

‘She is committed to revitalizing Connecticut as a place where businesses want to invest in growth…’

To The Editor:

Toni Boucher is an asset to our state and we are fortunate to have her representing us. I have seen Toni in action in the private and public sectors and believe her commitment to shaping a government that works for the people is exceptional. Toni is a bi-partisan leader with a strong base of support from both sides of the aisle. She is committed to revitalizing Connecticut as a place where businesses want to invest in growth and families can benefit from job creation. We would be wise to keep Toni fighting for the state of Connecticut.

Mark Hoeing

Umpawaug Rd, Redding

Ridgefield Letter to the Editor: Toni Boucher and John Frey are Experience and Integrity

October 17, 2018

To the Editor,

Experience and Integrity are the two qualities that will make the difference for Ridgefield, and the State, this November. Let’s face it; the out of control spending in Hartford will result in higher taxes for Ridgefielders. If you’re like me, I’ll bet your kitchen table economy is stretched. I, like you, do not have the authority to just add more money to the income side of the ledger as the expense side keeps rising. So why does Hartford? To stop the reckless economic policies of Hartford, we need Experience and Integrity.

Toni Boucher and John Frey are Experience and Integrity. I have watched them slug it out for years with the cement wall of their Democrat opponents. I could only imagine if they were leaders in the Majority and not the Minority. So in November, if you care to save our Town, and the State, please remember, Experience and Integrity will make the difference.

– Greg Kabasakalian, Ridgefield