Boucher Statement on Election Results

November 10, 2018

I would like to congratulate Will Haskell for running a strong campaign and wish him much success in his new role as State senator for the 26th district. It is a big responsibility and and I am sure he will devote his energies to serving the people well. I am deeply thankful to the voters […]


November 5, 2018

On Friday, the News-Times became latest publication to endorse me for re-election, citing, in particular, my knowledge of the district, vast experience in both government and business and my record of conscientiously representing the needs of all the towns and constituents in the district. Here is a link to the full text of their endorsement: […]

Editorial: Re-elect our four Republican incumbents [New Canaan Advertiser]

November 5, 2018

New Canaan: During the past five weeks of the Advertiser’s dedicated coverage of the candidates who are running to represent New Canaan in Hartford we have met four strong, admirable citizens, who happen to be Democrats, challenging the four incumbent Republicans. The Democratic challengers have ideas worth exploring, such as getting public workers onto public […]

Letters to the Editor: What Hartford needs…

November 4, 2018

In 1962, I was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army when a confrontation with the Soviet Union arose; they were installing missiles in Cuba that, if fired, could reach most of the U.S. I was given an extension of one year and my unit was packed up and prepared for deployment to Europe. Our president, […]

Endorsement: Toni Boucher for the 26th District (Danbury News-Times)

November 2, 2018

Endorsement: Toni Boucher for the 26th District State Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican from Wilton, for a decade has represented the 26th District with diligence and fierce attention. Democrat Will Haskell, a recent college graduate who grew up in Westport and now lives in New Canaan, brims with energy and passion. He was motivated to […]

Endorsement: “Toni Boucher works tirelessly on behalf of Westport”

October 30, 2018

Senator Toni Boucher works tirelessly on behalf of Westport. She has spent countless hours meeting with her local constituents, attending community events and understanding the issues that Westporters face. As a mother, a grandmother, a public servant and a private sector executive, Toni wears many hats and sees things from multiple perspectives. However, she is […]

Letter to the Editor: Boucher: Fiscally Responsible, Socially Moderate

October 30, 2018

Senator Boucher is an advocate for improved education, the environment, women’s rights, gun safety, LGBTQ equality, and protecting seniors while simultaneously working diligently to reduce unnecessary spending of taxpayers’ dollars.  For example, Senator Boucher supported bill HB 5386, An Act Concerning Pay Equity, to prevent wage discrimination against women and to secure equal pay for […]

Letter to the Editor: Toni Boucher is a Leader for All

October 28, 2018

To the Editor: Toni Boucher has been a relentless advocate for many of the values we all hold dear: education, school security, healthcare, equality for women, jobs, property values, taxes and fiscal responsibility. It is critical that the voters of the 26th District return her to the General Assembly this fall to represent our interests […]

Letter to the Editor: Boucher a Paragon of Women’s Rights

October 28, 2018

In addition to being a leading voice for fiscal responsibility, Toni Boucher has been a relentless fighter for women’s rights in Connecticut. Toni is pro choice. She’s spearheaded legislation that strengthens Connecticut ongoing efforts to secure equal pay for equal work for women in the workplace; She’s sponsored bills to protect women from domestic violence, […]

Letter to the Editor: Connecticut Needs Senator Toni Boucher

October 28, 2018

Senator Toni Boucher is a remarkable woman representing State District 26 since 2008. For the past 10 years Toni has demonstrated intelligence, commitment and passion in her representation of all constituent concerns in a very politically diverse district. She has been reelected 4 times reflecting her fairness and thoughtful approach. Senator Boucher is currently co-chair […]